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Entrepid CFO Plus provides outsourced financial management on a part time, interim, or consulting basis to entrepreneurs and business owners.

Our focus is to help entrepreneurs gain control, grow and profit.


The Limits To (Entrepreneurial) Growth

Those of you of a certain age, or with a knowledge of history, know that The Limits To Growth, published in 1972, was a dire prediction of food and raw materials shortages caused by population growth.  In the almost 30 years since, world population has increased almost 85% and the dire predictions have proven to be unfounded.

What the authors of The Limits To Growth neglected to take into account is that human beings are not only consumers of resources, but are sources of innovation as well.  We have a tremendous ability to overcome limitations through creativity, increases in scientific knowledge and the application of technology. 

The real limit to growth is the lack of imagination – both for the world and for our businesses.

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