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You Can’t DIY Everything

June 24, 2009 0 Comments

Remember when your father used to say “If you want something done right, do it yourself?” It was those times that his mowing the lawn for you because you did it wrong was a good deal. However, we all grow up and learn that there was wisdom there, and when it’s time to get a […]

Tuesday Links for 5/6/08

May 6, 2008 0 Comments

Clate Mask, posting at Small Business Trends, cautions against On Again, Off Again marketing. His first point: You are a marketer, not a provider of product x or service y. You are a marketer. There’s more, so be sure to read the whole thing.  Next, Paul Michelman, posting on HBR’s Conversation Starter, tells us How […]

How Good Are You at Delegating?

May 17, 2007 0 Comments

For the last year-and-a-half I have been a member of a small network of business advisors who get together twice a month to swap stories, celebrate victories and learn from each other. We are now in the middle of a series of workshops for small business owners on topics of interest (and need) to them. […]