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Tuesday Links for 6/3/08

Seth Godin asks: Do You Own Trees?  He uses the example of Newspapers being stuck on the idea that their value is in the physical form (i.e. Dead Trees) rather than the information. 

Of course, it’s easy in hind-sight to see the mistakes that the newspaper industry is making, but what about you?

Of course, there are trees in your business too. There are trees in the photography business (chemicals) and in the music business (plastic) and even in the personal computer business (computers). They may not be called trees, but they’re there.

This idea is worthy of some discussion.  Have any trees in your business you’d care to share?

The MarketingProfs give us Five Inexpensive Direct Mail Tools to Generate Sales Leads Fast.

My favorite counter-intuitive Tool: Special Delivery.  You’ll have to read the article to see how this can be inexpensive – and effective.

Finally, John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing advises Creative Emulation as a means to innovation.

Some of the best marketing innovations I have witnessed came about by some smart marketer emulating a concept long established in one industry and brining it over to another.

Happy Hours for florists?  How ’bout Ladies’ Night for dentists?

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