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Tuesday Links for 6/10/08

Joe Pulizzi of Junta42 and Newt Barrett of Content Marketing Today have teamed up to write “Get Content.  Get Customers.”, a guide for content marketing.

They’ve put up a companion blog for the book and will give you a free sample.  Check it out.

Next, Conversation Starter has advice on How to Reward (and Retain) People When Money Is Tight.  Here’s a snippet:

  • Responsibility along with empowerment is the best motivator
  • Recognition inspires, not only the recipient but also others
  • Different people see value in different things, so one should strive to understand what is important to individuals working for you. This is especially critical when working in an unfamiliar cultural environment.

Lastly, Jeff Cornwall of The Entrepreneurial Mind says: “Turn Your Competitors into Your Sales Force.”

What seems like crumbs to them can become your feast.

Read the whole thing to see what he means.

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