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Tuesday Links for 5/13/08

Chip and Dan Heath, writing in Fast Company, show us "How to sway people’s decisions with the gentlest of nudges."

The basic premise is that people can be influenced to make a decision by how the default position is crafted.

Because inertia is so crucial, world-class nudgers recognize that the default option is critical. Chances are, you weren’t craving the USA Today that came with your last hotel stay, but you just couldn’t be bothered to call the front desk and reclaim your $0.75. (Notice that if the default option were reversed, and you had to call to get your copy, there’d be more trees and fewer infographics in the world.)

Ethics Alert:  if you become one of the "world-class nudgers", remember to use your powers only for good, never evil.

Next, Newt Barrett of Content Marketing Today expands on the recent trend of the internet lengthening the buying process.

This is horrendous news for you if:
  • You have no web presence.
  • Your website does not make it easy for visitors to find exactly the solution they are seeking.
  • Your website does not contain intrinsically valuable content that will put you at the top of the list of potential suppliers.
  • Your only e-mail communications with your buyers are self-promoting and irrelevant to their information needs.

Finally, John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing says that public speaking is a competetive marketing skill for any and all entrepreneurs.

When you have to get your thoughts down into a concise 30 minute talk and then go out and get instant, sometimes too truthful, feedback it develops character and poise along with an improved message.

Be sure to follow the link to the podcast interview with Tom Antion.


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