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Tuesday Links for 4/8/08

Firstly, Michael Roberto in Conversation Starter gives his take on Growth During a Recession.

He has 4 dead-on points, and here’s one I didn’t think of for my series on Surviving and Thriving in a Recession:

identify your most critical suppliers and distributors, and determine if any face the possibility of severe impairment to their business due to the economic downturn.

Next, Peter Paul Roosen and Tatsuya Nakagawa offer us "Give Yourself a Productivity Boost: Learn from Kodak’s Transformation" in Lifehack.

They interviewed Jeff Hayzlett and David Lanzillo of Kodak about their F.A.S.T program.  "A" is for Accountability and "S" is for Simplicity – and in my view Simplicity makes Accountability a whole lot easier.  It’s to easy to dodge responsibility when you can hide behind complexity.

Finally, BusinessPundit tells us how entrepreneurs can use social media in The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Social Media.  The post has links to a number of resources, so you might want to save a copy to your desktop.

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