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How Good Are You at Delegating?

For the last year-and-a-half I have been a member of a small network of business advisors who get together twice a month to swap stories, celebrate victories and learn from each other. We are now in the middle of a series of workshops for small business owners on topics of interest (and need) to them. If you’re in the Baltimore area, you can find the details here.

In yesterday’s workshop on managing and motivating employees, Sheila Cox, executive coach, presented her Delegation Quiz. I liked it so much that I asked Sheila’s permission to post a copy here at OODA Central, and she graciously agreed. It’s a short 8 questions, and if you answer honestly you’ll gain some insight into your delegation style. You may just find out that your inability to delegate may be holding back you and your business.

The Delegation Quiz is here in pdf, and Sheila’s blog, Executive Coaching Journal, can be found here.

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