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Seth Godin Visits a Government Office…

and comes away with a business lesson.

“…the people in that building were way too nice and way too smart to not know the many ways they could fix this process. The problem is that this bureaucracy, like most bureaucracies, has an attitude of minimizing, not maximizing. They want to minimize expense, not maximize benefit.”

You may not think your small business has a bureaucracy, but if you have even one employee in addition to yourself the bureaucratic disease gets a toehold. This idea will be the topic of a few future blog posts and maybe a newsletter article. But for now, my takeaways from Seth’s post are:

One, make it easy for your customers to do business with you. Whether you sell online, by call-in or in person be ruthless in eliminating the barriers hassles to your customers spending money with you.

Two, make it easy for your employees to do it for you. Eliminate the “rules” that get in the way and set expectations for employees to facilitate buying simplicity.

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